Original study titles

Originally there were intended to be 26 studies, but Geoff managed to complete 13 before his death.  The titles for all 26 studies are shown below, for information :

Section A (Introductory Studies)

 1. The Bible and Christian conversion

2. Why Christians need constant exposure to the Word of God

Section B  (General Studies in Biblical Interpretation)

3. The special character of the Bible

4. An overview of the Bible

5. The beautiful variety of the Bible  (Part A)

6. The beautiful variety of the Bible  (Part B)

7. Understanding and applying the Bible today

8. Studying a Bible book

9. Studying a Bible story

10. The value and power of biblical analogies

11. Is the Bible ever ambiguous?

12. How historical background helps us to understand Scripture   

13. The progress of God’s revelation in the Bible

13b. Summary

Section C (Thematic Studies)

14. Godly leadership as seen in the book of Nehemiah

15. A Christological theme in an Old Testament book (Isaiah)

16. Some special studies in John’s Gospel

17. Scripture in the Epistle to the Hebrews

Section D (Comparative Studies)  (The most distinctive part of the course)

18. A multi-faceted approach to the Gospel of Mark

19. Godliness in an ungodly society: a study in contrasts (Judges 17-21 and Ruth)

20. How the Word of God relates to particular times and situations (Isaiah 40-55 and the Psalter Book 4 – both ministering encouragement to the exiles in Babylon)

21. The Book of Psalms and some biblical “psalms” outside it

22. Varied approaches to the prophetic books

23. The people of God move in – similar purpose, vastly different methods (Joshua and Acts)

24. Some distinctive Old Testament books (Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Esther, Jonah)  How do they fit into the Bible?

Section E  (Keeping the Biblical perspective in view)

(Aims to encourage, in study and practice, a focus on what the Bible emphasises)

25 The simplicity and depth of the gospel

26. The mission of the Triune God through the Church of Christ

Tail-piece  What next? Encouragement to continue Christ-centred Bible study.