Eva Grogan

Geoff’s beloved Eva died on Wednesday 2nd July 2014 at 8:45pm at Balmanno House.

Mum suffered from a number of medical conditions and we thank God that her passing was peaceful.

A thanksgiving service will be held on Thursday 10th July at 12pm at Queens Park Baptist Church, Glasgow.

All are very welcome.

A collection will be taken after the service for Diabetes UK.

John (on behalf of the Grogan family)


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Study No. 13b : Summary

1.  Some questions to ponder

These questions all arise out of the studies we have been doing.  They are intended to be thought-provoking.  None of them is of the type that requires a one-word answer.  In fact, in some cases there can be more than one right answer. Continue reading

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Study No. 13a: The Progress of God’s Revelation in the Bible

Holy Bible  As we saw in Study 7, it is important to recognise the diversity of Scripture when we are reading and seeking to understand it.  We will not expect to find Paul’s doctrine of justification in Proverbs, nor a full doctrine of the Trinity in Judges.  We will however expect to find material in earlier books of the Bible that will anticipate in some way, even a small way, what is much more fully disclosed to us at a later stage. Continue reading

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Study No. 12: How historical background helps us to understand Scripture

Holy Bible Whenever I pick up a book that looks interesting, the first thing I look for is its publication date.  Why?  Because this will affect the way I understand its contents.  If, for instance, I find it assumes that London is the biggest city in the world and the quickest way to reach it from New York is by ship, it will not surprise me if its date is AD 1900.  and I will not fault the author for being out-of-date.  The same would apply to a book of that date on human biology which did not mention DNA. Continue reading

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Study No. 11: Is the Bible ever ambiguous?

Holy Bible This study has been placed here in the book because it is the logical place to put it.  Some readers may however find it more difficult than other chapters, in which case they are advised to return to it once they have completed the rest of the course.  Please do not ignore it altogether, for the matters of which it treats are important. Continue reading

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Study No. 10: The value and power of Biblical Analogies

1.   The great importance of analogy in all verbal communication

“No man is an island.” Human beings are social creatures and as such we communicate with each other.  We do so in all sorts of ways. Continue reading

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Study No. 9: Studying a Bible Story

Holy Bible  1. Stories and education

The story is the most basic of all educational forms.

I  recall a humorous comment made by one of my students after the birth of our first child.  He said he wondered how she would react when I read her a section of my Systematic Theology lectures after I had put her to bed.  I replied that he would be a good judge as to whether or not this was likely to send her to sleep! Continue reading

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Study No. 8: Studying a Bible book

Holy Bible  Many Christians have never experienced the joy and blessing that comes from the study of a whole book of Scripture, not even a short book like one of the single-chapter epistles of the New Testament, or a psalm, which is, of course, a complete literary entity like a book.  If that is true of you, you can have no idea what you have been missing.  Such exposure to God’s  Word can be immensely enriching. Continue reading

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Study No. 7: Understanding and Applying the Bible today

Holy Bible This is an important and rather long study. As the studies are issued fortnightly, you might like to study sections 1 to 5 in the first week and the remainder in the second. Continue reading

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Study No. 6: The Beautiful Variety of the Bible (Part B)

Holy Bible  We have already considered three different genres, different forms taken by the biblical literature, and we will now look at five others. Continue reading

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