About Geoffrey Grogan

Rev Dr Geoffrey Grogan    4th May 1925  – 31st August 2011

Because anybody can set up a website, it is eminently reasonable and indeed wise for you to want to know something about the author of this course.

The Rev Dr Geoffrey Grogan taught the Bible and Christian Theology for most of his working life.

Receiving his theological education at the Bible Training Institute, Glasgow (later renamed the Glasgow Bible College) and the London Bible College (later renamed the London School of Theology),  he later taught full-time at these two colleges, at the former from 1951 to 1965 and then (as principal) from 1969 to 1990, and at the latter from 1965 to 1969. Since retirement he taught as a visiting lecturer at the International Christian College, Glasgow, the Scottish Baptist College and several overseas locations.  His pastoral experience was in a Baptist context. He served on four missionary councils, on the Strathclyde Region Education Committee and the Management Committee of the Cambridge Diploma of Religious Studies examination. Once asked by a publisher what his interests were outside theology, he replied, “Almost everything!”.

He leaves his dear wife Eva and three grown-up children and three grandchildren, and will be very much missed.  Referred to by many students, colleagues and friends as the “Gentle Giant”, he has had a lasting influence on so many lives that he touched with his gracious and gentle manner.

A memorial site, set up by Geoff’s family, can be found at http://geoffreygroganmemorial.wordpress.com

Another memorial site, including a Book of Memories can be found at http://geoffgrogan.weebly.com/

David Graham (former colleague and friend) :  “He was loved and revered (in the sort of balanced way which God himself should be!).  Always “Mr Grogan” to students and staff alike, he insisted to colleagues “Please call me Geoff”.  But there was a story that only 2 people ever called him Geoff – his wife, and God; and we weren’t really sure if God did!”